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It’s here. A soda that can truly help with your blood sugar health and that has great refreshing taste that you can enjoy guilt-free!

ZODA’s functional soda is a SODA EVOLVED!”


About Us

We are The Functional Soda Company Ltd. (“FSC”), a Vancouver-based company that specializes in developing and manufacturing natural, plant-based ready-to-drink (RTD) health management solutions. Our patented portfolio of nutraceutical science and discovery serves as the foundation for our innovative products, which are quickly gaining popularity in the functional beverage market under our ZODA® brand.

Our products offer a superior taste experience to carbonated RTD consumers while providing Health Canada recognized additive and evidenced health benefits. As a pioneering beverage brand, we offer a platform of nutraceutical-based products across Soda, Energy, Recovery/Wellness, Mixers, and other drink categories.

We understand that people crave a refreshing soda but are also concerned about the negative health effects of consuming sugar. That's why
we've created a unique everyday soda drink that doesn't sacrifice taste and can still support healthy blood sugar metabolism for you.

Join our growing ZODA® Community today and experience the difference that natural, plant-based health management solutions can make in your life.

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