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Introducing a new evolution in soda - a healthier and great-tasting functional Rootbeer drink that is both delicious and good for you!


ZODA Rootbeer features a patented sweetener called GLYVIA™, which is a natural zero-carbohydrate dietary supplement that can be added to food and beverages. It offers a sugar-like taste and mouthfeel without the added calories or serum sugar spike, and without the aftertaste commonly associated with stevia or artificial-type sweeteners. Our patented technology changes the way we use dietary supplements, delivering a unique and delicious experience.


Experience an authentic sparkling ROOTBEER flavored pop with GLYVIA™ that offers numerous benefits, including:


  • zero carbohydrates
  • zero calories
  • zero sugar....while also having a low to
  • zero glycemic index.


GLYVIA™ reduces the amount of natural glycoside to only 20% of the typical usage needed for sweetness. It is also said to reduce appetite and carbohydrate consumption, and supports healthy serum blood sugar. With a clean and sweet taste similar to sugar, our product is perfect for all ages and guilt-free, allowing you to #LOVEYOURZODA.

ZODA Rootbeer

  • 355ml sleek can

    Can weight | 372.55g
    4 pack weight | 1.49kg
    24 can flat | 8.94kg

  • We are always happy to help.  Unfortunately, we don't accept returns or exchanges of product. If your order was damaged in transit, or if you've received the wrong order, please reach out to our Customer Care team immediately, by emailing

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